Tannis and Matt are Married

Beacon Hill Park elopement photography

Tannis and Matt visited Victoria from Alberta to get married at Abigail’s Hotel in front of their families. They wrote personal vows, which made even me laugh and cry (just a little, but I had to fight it). I think most of the guests were feeling the same and were happy when Colleen brought out the tissues.

Despite the rain, the couple and guests were up for outdoor portraits at Beacon Hill Park. It was definitely worth it for the spring colours and heron sightings.

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Diana and Simon are Married

Diana and Simon visited Victoria last weekend to get married at Abigail’s Hotel. It’s been a while since I’ve photographed a wedding with no guests at all, and this one reminded me how much I love them. These two have been a couple for a really long time, but they couldn’t stop kissing each other. It was like, “ok, guys, you have to stop kissing for a minute so we can perform the ceremony.” Yes, there were a couple of kisses right at the start. I’m still not sure if that’s allowed.

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Holly and Darren are Married

A few weeks ago, I photographed Holly and Darren’s elopement at Abigail’s Hotel. It was a rainy Sunday, so were stayed indoors for the ceremony and portraits. The honeymoon room there is gorgeous though, so I was happy to take some photos there. I loved Holly’s non-traditional dress and her dedication to getting her earrings on even though one of the holes had closed up. What’s a little blood when it comes to looking gorgeous for your wedding? Holly and Darren were all smiles, despite the rain, making for a sweet and fun day.

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