Flushmount Albums

Here are some photos of my sample flushmount album featuring photos from Gillian and Murat’s wedding. These albums are high-quality, archival flushmount albums.  A flush mount album is made up of photo layouts (designed by myself using Adobe InDesign) printed on photographic paper, mounted on a thick substrate.  The layouts/spreads go across the whole width of the album, with no gap at the centre.  A wide selection of cover materials are available and may be combined onto one custom cover, which could also include a cameo printed on metal, as shown in the below sample.  My albums are as long as they need to be to tell the complete story of the wedding day.  These flushmounts are limited by the manufacturer to 35 spreads (or 70 pages/sides), which makes for a rather heavy album.  These are a classic, yet modern, album to preserve your wedding day memories.

flushmount0001 flushmount0001b flushmount0001c flushmount0001d flushmount0002 flushmount0003 flushmount0004 flushmount0006 flushmount0007 flushmount0008 flushmount0009 flushmount0010 flushmount0011 flushmount0012 flushmount0013 flushmount0014 flushmount0015 flushmount0016 flushmount0017 flushmount0018 flushmount0019 flushmount0020 flushmount0021 flushmount0022 flushmount0023 flushmount0024 flushmount0025 flushmount0026 flushmount0027 flushmount0028 flushmount0029 flushmount0030

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  • Linda Edman

    Looks beautiful!