MacIsaac Family Portraits

Emma contacted me from Calgary a while ago to shoot some portraits when her family reunited in Victoria over the Victoria Day long weekend. We met at a small park near Dallas Road that I’d heard about from friends. They were looking for something fun and what’s more fun than a playground? I had a great time photographing three generations of MacIsaac women and grandpa (or “Dad”). This was actually my first family session ever, so thank you all for being so patient with me!

The three sisters joined me for a little playful experiment on the merry-go-round.  The gathered round the center and I gave the thing a push and hopped on.  As it started to slow, I asked someone watching to give it a push and proceeded to fall from my crouched position as they did.  I grabbed onto the bar and asked for another push, then snapped away.  I love the effect.

All of the girls wore fun, different coloured shoes.

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  • Thomas Lester

    I absolutely LOVE that first shot. What a great grouping and angle for a fun family shot!!! Love the merry go round, too. I haven’t seen one of those around here in a LONG time.

  • Kyle

    That shot of all their feet is great, cool colors and very creative angle!

  • Eric Yerke

    Wow, I’m really impressed with the “merry go round” photo. Really nice.

  • Kim Spears

    Lara I LOVE the merry-go-round shots !! So flippin adorable :)